Keep your identity private

Teen dating app

Step 1: Set self & partner appearance

Set up your appearance as well as how you want your partner to be. If you are a person who goes by heart not by face, a big hats off to you. Just for you we have kept an option “doesn't matter”.

Step 2: Create best of 3 for your partner

GenZtinder allows you to create 3 questions that you would like to ask your potential match. You can ask about his/her life quality or is he/she will be ok to match with your life quality. That could be morals, lifestyle, approach to life, fun, food, entertainments etc..

Step 3: Matching of partner set in step 1

Based on the partner appearance you have set in step 1 you shall be shown profiles that would be a great match for you. You can always make changes to the partner preference through filter.

Step 4: Unlock chat by playing best of 3

You have to play best of 3 set by your potential match in order to unlock the profile photo & chat option. If you get 2 right, you are a match, but if you get 1 right or non correct then you go to next match without seeing the photo of your potential match. Good luck.

Your Privacy is our Priority

GenZtinder is the worlds first dating app that doesn’t collect your contact number or email address to use the service. We want to keep the app as private as we can and don’t want to send SMS or email to spam our users.

Your photo is blurred while displaying it to your potential match. If your potential match wins best of 3 set by you, we then display your photo for them to take a look & unlock the chat option for them to send you a message. You can block them at any given time if you don’t want to have a conversation with them.

Pay for real humans not for bots

In order to avoid fake & troll users we request you to send us your real time selfie. Make sure your face is clearly visible. Your photo won’t be visible to other app users. For this verification we charge Rs.100. Your profile would be verified within 15 minutes of payment. Rs.100 will be added back to your account wallet for you to match & chat. This practice is done to keep the platform clean for people who are seriously finding a partner.

You can buy profile tickets and chat tokens from the shop anytime.

Profile Ticket

Chat token